Data Collection

A telephone center is only as good as its interviewers. Therefore, VCR has adopted the MRA guidelines of telephone interviewing so that our interviewers can excel in providing our clients with quality data.

The training program rigorously details strict adherence to tried and true practices of interviewing. Some of the items addressed during training include:

  • Proper interviewing methodology
  • Techniques to prevent bias
  • Good probing habits
  • Methods to overcome rebuttals and improve refusal conversions
  • Use of Voxco and ACS-Query CATI software

facility photo
VCR interviewers are first exposed to “real-world” interviewing via our custom designed training survey, which allows them the opportunity to practice their interviewing techniques in a real-world setting.
Accurate CATI Programming
An important component of any successful CATI-based project is the quality of the CATI programming staff coupled with the software package used. VCR has a wealth of talented and experienced programmers to ensure your questionnaires are implemented correctly in the field without compromising efficiency.
We primarly use the Voxco™ software platform for conducting quantitative data collection. This powerful software gives our programmers the freedom they need to meet virtually any client request, from simple skip patterns to complex conditional statements.   It includes an efficient quota system which affords you the ability to implement a wide number of quota definitions.