Data Management

Strategic Sample Management

VCR uses several sample vendors including Survey Sampling, Inc., STS, and Experian.  We are able to pull RDD, listed, or targeted samples by geography, demographics, and psychographics.

However, we recognize that obtaining the proper sample is only half the battle.  The other half is ensuring that the sample is properly managed while your project is in the field.  Our software allows us to efficiently control the release of sample and to manage sample once it has been released so that all respondents have an equal chance of being contacted.  Only by careful sample management can reliable, statistically accurate results be obtained.

Reporting Results

Upon completion of a project, the focus turns to reporting on the results obtained.  Statistical data processing encompasses the tabulation of the data collected.  VCR uses the SPSS® statistical package, a well-known and popular software package, for our data processing.  This software allows us to combine large amounts of information into a single display, enabling us to prepare customized tables suitable for publication or presentation.

Standard computer analyses that are produced include aggregates or marginal distributions, banner & stub or portrait tables, and cross-tabulations.  Tabulated data can be delivered via e-mail in a number of formats.