Focus Group Recruiting

We recruit individuals to participate in one on one hands on research studies for different clients. If you are qualified and recruited you would be sent to a research study to give your opinions and feedback on certain products or ideas being developed by a client.

Most clients offer incentives to show their appreciation for your time; the incentives generally vary from study to study and are provided to you at the completion of your session.

Each time a client gives us a request for a study we would call and ask you a few additional questions specified by the client for screening purposes (clients look for different types of participants for each different study). Once you have passed the screening process, there are set dates and times available for each study and you can choose what time is best for you. We then will e-mail you the information needed for that study and the directions. The only thing we require is that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your session to ensure your participation.

Clients send us requests for the types of people needed for their research, and then it's our job to find those people. To join our database and become a part of these research studies is fairly simple. You would need to fill out some basic information about yourself and then you’d be eligible for us to start calling you for studies.

If joining our database is something you are interested in doing please fill out our database questionnaire by following the link below.