Our Staff

Dr.Jan van Lohuizen, Chairman and one of the founding members of the firm, has directed public opinion research projects since 1977.  His area of expertise is in public policy and elections research.  He has conducted opinion research for hundreds of political campaigns.  His principal emphasis today is on surveys for initiative and referendum campaigns and opinion research on public policy issues.  Clients include prominent elected officials, major U.S. corporations, industry associations, and think tanks.
Dan Kessler, PRC, President, takes the lead role in all operational research-related aspects of the company and is responsible for insuring that the phone bank adheres to the strict methodological standards of interviewing.   Before joining VCR he worked at Tarrance and Associates as co-director of interviewing and he held various positions for the Gallup Organization.  Additionally, he manages the scheduling and fielding of all projects and insures their correct implementation in the field.  Dan has worked at all levels within the company, from interviewing and supervising to developing and implementing the company’s CATI system.
Barbara Maddin, PRC, Director of Operations.  With a strong background in marketing research, Barbara’s dedication to quality is unsurpassed.  Her care and concern for our company and its clients shows in the supervision of telephone centers, its managers and techs.
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